Thanks to K4IFX and KC6TYD for their YouTube Video inspiration and ideas.

UPDATE July 9, 2012: I added a new Kenwood TM-281A to the Go Box. I decided I wanted to have two radios to be able to monitor two frequencies, plus to have a backup radio. I chose it for it's price, ruggedness, and that it can put out 65W. Here's a picture of the new and improved Go Box

Here's my List of Materials

Gator G-PRO-6U-19

Two (2) Middle Atlantic Products UTR1 Half Rack Shelfs

Yaseu FT-90R 2m/440 mobile radio

VANCO SPB2 External CB Speaker

Powerwerx 30 Amp Desktop Switching Power Supply with Powerpoles

Mounting Bracket Kit for Powerwerx Desktop Power Supply (SS-30DV)

RIGrunner 4004 USB

Cooler Master 140mm Case Fan

Middle Atlantic LT-GN-PNL Dual Gooseneck Light with Rackmount Panel

Multi Purpose Clip On Zippered Bags by Custom Leathercraft

Coax Cable DX Engineering RG-8X PL259/PL259 75 ft - DXE-8XDU075